SecurView - Delivering SECaaS to Protect Against Cyber Security Threats

CIO Vendor Ever since the outbreaks around the world have increased, corporations have become concerned about the safety of their IT infrastructures and Cloud applications (Private, Public, and Hybrid). It is difficult to stay up to date on cloud-specific security vulnerabilities because threats are constantly changing or evolving. Therefore, many corporations turn to cyber security solutions companies, such as SecurView, for assistance.

With CASPER’s features, SecurView and CyberFlow Analytics have developed a set of continuous monitoring capabilities known as “Continuous Threat Defense” (CTD)

Founded in 2007, SecurView offers a Cloud based Solution referred to as “Security-as-a-Service” (SECaaS) to protect against outbreaks. SECaaS provides end-to-end security that covers security information and event management while it detects Intrusion and threats.The solution mitigates clients’ operational risk and meets compliance requirements with zero upfront capital investment.
A few features are, 24x365 monitoring with a worldwide delivery system, ITIL based processes, and an exemplary knowledge base of security threat and remedial measures. In addition, the solution reduces the cost (between to 25 to 40 Percent) of in-house SOC operations, including SIEM platforms and operations staff, for corporations. “Our solution has proven that it reduces the risks of Malware and Cyber attacks. On top of that, it increases the detection time of such threats by over 50%,” stated Rajeev Khanolkar, President and CEO of SecurView.

Developing CTD from CASPER
The company’s flagship product is CASPER, a Cloud based platform. CASPER imports data from SIEM, threat intelligence sources, integrated workflow, advanced correlation, knowledge bases, and Post-event analysis. Then it integrates an anomaly detection solution and Big-data Analytics from CyberFlow Analytics, SecurView’s technology partner, to identify potential threats. CTDis used in threat management, Managed SOC, and for Proactive Incident Response services.

SecurView distinguishes itself from its peers because it tackles security challenges while ensuring zero compromises on Cloud and Mobility exactions. The company takes pride in being the industry’s first to design a platform that provides intelligence and analytics. It has delivered over hundreds of BYOD policy projects using Cisco ISE technology and has clientele throughout the BFSI, Healthcare, retail, and manufacturing domains. The company is currently working on one of the largest network segmentation projects in the world.