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Excerpts from an interaction with Indrajit Belgundi, Senior Director, Client Solutions Group, Dell Technologies, India | Friday, 06 December 2019, 05:28 IST

Excerpts from an interaction with Indrajit Belgundi, Senior Director, Client Solutions Group, Dell Technologies, IndiaWe are constantly witnessing the challenge of security breach owing to the increase in the number of connected devices. How technology firms can help tackle such a situation? Can you throw some light on how well is Dell equipped to address the issue of security?

According to a report by Dell Technologies, 51 percent of companies surveyed admit that they have ineffective cybersecurity measures in place and 59 percent believe their workforce is not sufficiently security savvy. Experiences with personal technology are driving higher expectations, and employees want the latest devices that fit their needs, deliver security and enable them to be productive, all at the same time. However, it is imperative to address data security issues. Companies must focus on educating employees and enforcing policies and procedures that secure data wherever they go, without hindering productivity. Cybersecurity education needs to be an integral part of the workplace culture. It must be built around a practical, ongoing dialog in which employees are empowered and incentivized to speak up when they are unsure about the implications of a decision.

At Dell, we deliver innovative solutions that secure data not only at rest, but also in flight starting with a trusted device. As a result, our technology can provide full-spectrum visibility and share context ware intelligence, enabling users to adapt to ever-changing threats and regulations, while continuously strengthening security across the agency. We offer an exhaustive range of hardware and software solutions from our commercial PC range, including Latitude, Optiplex that are built with the best in class security. Furthermore, Dell is cementing its leadership in data and endpoint security through new enhancements to Dell Data Guardian and Dell Encryption to ensure security and in depth data and device management options.

“Modernizing your infrastructure, inspiring your workforce, securing your data and redefining how you build and deploy software will lay the groundwork for your digital future, today”

How should companies address the evolving needs of the workforce of the future to stay relevant?

Digitization of the workplace is fueling information workers to work anytime and anywhere. According to the Gen Z survey commissioned by Dell Technologies, 91 percent of Gen Z workers say the technology offered by an employer would be a factor in choosing among similar job offers. With five generations in the workplace, businesses must help workers find common ground. Gen Z today expects to have access to products they are accustomed to in their personal lives and embrace new technologies in the workplace rapidly. Not all employees use the same apps or require the same devices, and understanding the different mobility needs for each type of worker is critical for success of every organization. Hence, Dell Technologies’ portfolio is designed for the way people work. The right 2-in-1s, laptops, desktops, workstations and accessories; from small and light to the most powerful features, and the best screen experience; every solution we offer can transform the way users work.

What has been the growth in the PC Market? What factors do you think are responsible for this growth?

According to IDC estimates for Q2 2019, the PC market in India saw shipment of desktop, notebook and workstations grow 49.2 per cent year-on-year to 3.4 million units in the June 2019 quarter whereas the commercial market did well with a growth rate of 12.6 percent YoY. The growth in the commercial segment was primarily driven by strong performance from the SMB sector and corporates because of Windows 10 refresh coupled with a strong performance from the BFSI sector and increased global refresh orders.

How has been the first half of the year for Dell business in India? What are some of Dell’s unique offerings that help you in achieving growth in this competitive PC market?

As per the IDC 2019Q2 report, Dell Technologies maintained the third position with healthy 3.1 percent growth. Dell witnessed Double-digit revenue growth in commercial notebooks, desktops, and workstations. Desktops proved to be our strong suit as the company managed to raise its share in the desktop market by 1 percentage point. We offer an exhaustive range of hardware and software solutions from our commercial PC range, including Latitude, Optiplex that are built with the best in class security. It is all in the details and it is Dell’s focus on purposeful innovation that sets our systems apart and allows us to deliver advanced technology that enables our customers to realize their full potential. Across the board, our commitment to purposeful innovation is showcased across all our product portfolios and software. Dell remains focused on customers’ technology needs, both in the consumer and commercial space to deliver a complete end-to-end Dell Client Solutions experience. This includes creating a robust range of products to be the ultimate productivity companion for customers, along with solutions that enable companies to securely manage their data and service offerings like Pro-Support Plus that deliver a seamless user experience.

Commercial sector has been a major contributor for the increased PC shipment. Do you think this trend will continue in the second half of the year?

According to the IDC report, the India traditional PC market shipped 3.4 million units, recording a solid 49.2 percent year-on-year (YOY) growth whereas the commercial market witnessed a growth rate of 12.6% YoY. Today, companies have gradually realized that their workforce is very heterogeneous where they involve people from all age groups. Each group associates a different value to what technology they carry which translates into this concept that unless we give the people the right hardware and software solutions and keep it secure, we cannot achieve workplace transformation. Owing to these needs, we definitely feel that continuous innovation in the commercial space will lead to a growing demand from this segment in the second half of the year as well.

Latitude range of products has been renowned in the industry for the past 20 years. Can you highlight some latest innovations in the recent latitude range that was announced in June this year?

Dell Latitude laptops are the most secure business laptops available, built for medium and large enterprise customers who need dependable security and in depth data and device management options. Dell has introduced some of the world’s coolest new age technology, keeping in mind the needs of customers and changing trends. In the last 25 years, Dell has sold around 120 million Latitudes i.e. 10 Latitudes every minute. With smaller, lighter designs and premium finishes and features, Dell Latitude enables employees to work at full speed.

The new line-up are the smallest devices in their class, boast premium materials, and express technologies that get workers more productive, faster and keep them productive longer. Announced in June this year, the Latitude 7400 2-in-1, is the world’s smallest 14-inch commercial 2-in-1 laptop which features Express Sign-in which detects user presence, wakes the system, and immediately scans for facial recognition to log in with Windows Hello. With Dell Latitude 7400 2-in-1, getting to work is faster than ever with additional features for customers on the go such as Express Connect which links the device to the best Wi-Fi available and provides faster data transfer than a conventional antenna. With Express Charge, users can recharge the battery life to 80 percent in one hour (when the laptop is turned off) and offers the best battery life in the industry. What makes the 14-inch commercial 2-in-1 different from other laptops is that it has industry changing, first of its kind PC proximity sensor enabled by Intel® Context Sensing Technology.

What are the changing form factors are you witnessing in the commercial segment?

Dell has spent over 30 years perfecting, advancing and revolutionizing the PC. Laptops evolved from the need to make personal computers (PCs) portable and adaptable to use on the go. Today, the modern laptops are increasingly being defined by the different needs of the end users and the industries they operate in. The innovation is not just limited to laptops but desktops as well to cater to the enterprise needs. Just recently we launched the world’s most compatible, fully modular zero footprint and clutter-free desktop solution, the Optiplex 7070 for the modern workforce of today and tomorrow. The UltraSmall Form Factor (USFF) is the latest innovation in the desktop segment, from the form factor point. The USFF is one of the fastest-growing categories in the commercial desktop segment, according to IDC

Every organization will turn into a technology organization within the coming decade. How do you think Dell will cater to the individual needs in terms of both hardware and software solutions?

Technology has helped define human experience for centuries. By 2030 the partnership between people and machines will become deeper and more immersive than ever before. With the adoption of emerging technologies like AI, IoT and AR, organizations are already on their journey of digital transformation. And every organization will be powered by data, running in a multicloud world. Modernizing your infrastructure, inspiring your workforce, securing your data and redefining how you build and deploy software will lay the groundwork for your digital future, today. As we stand on the edge of disruptions, it is time to realize what it requires of us to make this new world work. Technology won’t necessarily replace workers, but the process of finding work will change. Work will cease to be a place but a series of tasks.

At Dell Technologies, in terms of hardware solutions, we offer a wide range of hardware and software solutions from our commercial PC range. Businesses have relied on Latitude as a trusted partner for providing beautifully designed devices that enable all-day productivity and offer IT the most secure, most manageable enterprise solutions. The next generation of Latitude builds off those pillars, but within the context of our vision of delivering faster and smarter end-user experiences. Dell Technologies is ready to support your – IT transformation, Workforce Transformation, Security Transformation and Application Transformation.

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