Cognizance of Consulting

Suresh .V. Menon; IASSC Certified Six Sigma Black Belt & Member | Monday, 24 August 2015, 09:47 IST

This is one of my work where I have described the approach to do consulting for any Manufacturing, Production or Companies with different departments which starts right from Production, Inventory to HR and Payroll. The Scenario is Business Process Consulting before a Developed software solution or an ERP is implemented by the company.

The Process starts with the interview or discussions with various department heads like processing, production etc. Please do the following steps before the interview with department heads.

  • Initial Planning of Questionnaire
  • Developing the measures
  • Designing the sample
  • Producing the questionnaire
  • Preparing and distributing Mailing Materials
  • Collecting data
  • Reducing data to a form that can be analyzed
  • Analyze the data

We have to interview each department heads on the process they carry out on a day to day basis and record and make notes of it and suggest them if there are any better ways of doing it, if they are using any legacy system we have to study it and take screen shots of the software. After each department is covered we should start the documenting process department wise of their business process flow in a sequential order.  Once we have done this documentation we should get it reviewed by department heads to get their comments after which present it to the management of the company where we are consulting and give suggestions whether they should go for an entire product development or purchase an ERP and customize according to their needs. This forms the basic crux of Business Process Consulting.

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